Monday, April 23, 2007


Did you know that there are 5 hospitals in the UK run by the NHS exclusively dedicated to homoeopathic "treatment"? What is worse is that a significant proportion of the UK's population (championed by the anachronism which is Charles Windsor) which believe that homoeopathy actually works, despite any supporting evidence. It, along with so-called alternative medicine courses at some universities, are diverting money away from already cash-strapped hospitals and colleges.

Sign the petition to end taxpayer's money going towards this dangerous distraction from medicine that actually works.

"There is no alternative medicine. There is only medicine that works and medicine that doesn't work." -- Richard Dawkins.


Tristan said...

This shows part of the problem with the NHS. It can spend our money on stupid things for pressure groups.

I'd much prefer it is people had to spend their own money* on basic healthcare. Then if they want to waste money on such nonsense they can.

* obviously this needs to be worked out - catastrophy care such as cancer or severe accident should probably be provided free at the point of service and we need to ensure we don't get a mess like the US system - replacing one mess with a different one won't help much...

Laurence Boyce said...

What? You mean Prince Charles is wrong?