Saturday, April 14, 2007

More on faith schools

Just thought a certain comment our Dear Leader made about education just about sums up how disastrously wrong New Labour's focus is on this matter. So much for education, education, education. Schools are not meant to be "popular with parents", they have a duty to the children. But on the other hand, children can't vote, so what's the point in making schools work?

Tony Blair and the schools minister Lord Adonis believe strongly that faith schools are popular with parents and want faith groups to be more involved in state education to provide a "distinctive ethos", through privately sponsoring city academies or backing the new breed of "trust schools".

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Jonny Wright said...

We have some very messed-up attitudes to education! We couldn't possibly select on grounds of academic ability (ie. what style of teaching would be most useful to each individual kid) - but discriminating on the grounds of their parents' religion is apparently just fine ...