Monday, March 17, 2008


I just thought I'd mention that I've been elected as the new Academic Affairs Officer for the University of Manchester Students' Union for the 2008/9 academic year. The post is to represent students, individually and collectively, within the University, to advise students on education/academic issues, and to inform students about education issues.

It's a full-time position, starting in June, and I'm looking forward to it (I have to graduate first though). Both my manifesto (PDF) and a video recording (QuickTime) of me saying what I want to do are available on the Union website.

I aim to have a more active blog starting from June explaining what I have been up to throughout the year in the position!

The results for my position were (the election was conducted under STV):

Chris Jenkinson1225 (1135 + 8 + 82)
Ketan Alder832 (661 + 7 + 164)
Abdul Hannan Ali479 (469 + 10)
Re-Open Nominations79


thechristophe said...

congrats! as a former student it gives me some pleasure to see the party making some advancements, are you still not allowed to stand on a party platform/slate? or has that all changed? (behind with the times...)

Chris said...

There aren't any rules regarding standing on any particular platform. There isn't any "party/slate" space on the ballot paper - it's just name & position, but there's nothing to stop two or more people running together (all publicity, however, may only promote a single candidate). You can run a campaign which is as political or apolitical as you like!